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Welcome to your Barber Shop

Hi guys.  We wanted to create a website to communicate with our customers and let people know that we are here.  There is some useful and not very useful information on the site.  If you have any questions or comments let us know.  We will be writting random blogs/rants occationally.  Make sure to like us on Facebook.  We will be offering coupons discounts and contests there.  Don’t forget to tell your freinds about us… Peace!

Barberz Blogs

Since I am completely new to this blogging thing I need some help from you all.  Is there any way that you could suggest any topics for me to blog about?  It can be realated to barber topics or just my sarcasm and quick wit.  Maybe I can write a blog on Jukers since I talk about them every single day.  Maybe I can write a blog on Joe… maybe we can talk about the movies that we show and offer suggestions to you our client.. Maybe we really don’t care.  Just kidding.  I told you that I would go off on rants.  Please help me select a topic.